About Us

Data-Driven Decisions (D3) was founded in 2020 as a social enterprise (Low-Profit Limited Liability Company or L3C) to provide data science at affordable prices to small nonprofits in order to bridge the digital divide and amplify their social impact.

Jordan Blough-Orr

Director of Human-Centered Design

Jordan has honed their services and skills through a decade of work in early childhood, as a substitute teacher, project manager, trainer, meeting facilitator, direct service provider and parent. They have served clients from Executive Directors, project leads, and field staff to unhoused community members and license-exempt childcare providers. As a queer, neurodivergent, and nonbinary person, they seek to create tools, experiences and outcomes that highlight and support individuals and groups often ignored and misunderstood. They regularly participate in community events and trainings to build their repertoire of tools to offer partners. As Director of Human-Centered Design, Jordan ensures that projects are designed, from the beginning, with the end users in mind. Their personal passions include: hiking, hula hooping, parenting, reading, wood working and serving elders and the unhoused. They live in Kalamazoo with their three cats, one child and family.

Ken Roubal

Founder and Data Architect

Ken has developed data and research skills for more than a decade across multiple domains of public service. As a neurodivergent leader, Ken fosters a democratic and non-hierarchical approach to create a positive and effective, worker-led environment. His past work experience in affordable housing and homelessness, mental health and pediatrics, data systems and the nonprofit world led him to create D3 as something different to bridge the digital divide. Ken’s personal passions include reading, research, human-services, gardening, and DIY. Ken lives in Lansing as an in-home caregiver to a disabled friend and has two cats, two dogs, Monty the Python, and Tweet Tweet the Shrill (lovebird), a most vocal supporter.

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